Our Learning Approach

Our learning solutions are designed to follow the natural adult learning process.

  • In a process of change, it is crucial to first create the awareness of the current status and to motivate people to change by helping them understand the benefits: the WHY. To stimulate the ambition and desire to reach the next level, we typically use inspirational videos, initial reflections and self-assessments.
  • After becoming aware of the expected change, people need to know WHAT are the competence gaps, what skills they need to improve.
  • Once there is a full understanding of the learning needs, people have to see HOW to improve these skills in practice. This is where relevant, operational training comes in: what to do, how to do it, through role plays, scenarios and practice.
  • Change is a long-term process, so it is crucial to follow-up and monitor step by step how people are implementing what they’ve learnt in their daily job. To ensure the retention of new behaviours, it’s important to highlight the achievements and celebrate the success. At this stage, managers have a crucial role, with support from implementation activities and constant inputs and calls to action.

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