Sales Training

We inspire sales teams to outperform

We bring learning to where your employees are, with engaging formats and the most relevant content. Whether it’s standard off-the-shelf or customized, learner-driven or led by our experienced trainers – we create advanced innovative learning solutions, specifically tailored to your needs.

Integrated learning experience

Mercuri International offers a uniquely flexible approach which includes a next generation learning platform, a comprehensive off-the-shelf content library, and engaging customized content. With our integrated learning experience, you get a cost and time efficient way of learning. It easily integrates into your existing tools to simplify the end-user’s experience.


With our certified coaches you have support and guidance on how to deal with specific situations, tools and tips that are easily applied in day-to-day business, and awareness of individual strengths and development area.



Great training gives you the edge to stay competitive in an increasingly complex and fast-paced market. Stay ahead with Mercuri International's sales training.

Our offer includes a rich library of exclusive and varied learning content in 20 languages, useful for providing a common level of knowledge and skills throughout the learning experience. Short and efficient sessions, videos and downloadable materials are ready to use, quick and easy to implement for any learner group.

By assessing your needs we create the perfect training program to meet your challenges, on both an individual, organizational and industry level. Solutions can be built especially for you to fit the unique reality of your learners. Designed and following the tried and trusted adult learning methods, our learning solutions can be developed from scratch in different formats and settings to respond to specific needs.

Learner-led digital training solutions empower relevant, convenient and active learning in the flow of work: anytime, anywhere, and across multiple devices. We integrate social engagement and communication activities to build a digital learning community. Learner progress can be monitored in real-time with customizable dashboards.

With our best-in-class trainers you will increase awareness and improve skill development. Whether delivered face to face or in a virtual environment, our instructor-led trainings guarantee a structured step-by-step progress towards goals and the highest levels of engagement with a learner-centred approach focused on implementation. This type of training ensures useful and positive collaboration with peers as well as best practice sharing. <br /> <br />


Whatever the challenge, Mercuri International has a solution for you. View our quick summary of Mercuri International's sales training.