How are companies rethinking their training?

Training Trends 2020

2020 has provided a combination of global events that have redefined the business landscape. Mercuri International conducted this survey to find out how businesses react on this storm of changes in the market – Training Trends 2020. The Survey looked at a broad range of industries, from Finance to Pharma, Construction to Consumer Goods, speaking to executives from C-level, sales, HR, and training. There were a number of areas where there was general consensus across industries and roles, but others where the difference of opinion was noticeable. Let’s look at some of the Training Trends insights! If you like more interesting facts and figures, download the full report here:


To the right, you see the list of the top 5 training topics at the moment. Interestingly, ‘handling change’ only just made the top ten – a surprise, given the rapid and highly unpredictable nature of market evolution in 2020.


Executives across all industries are united in their belief in VBS and the need to win new customers, while CEOs value key account management. Sales directors and managers embrace remote selling, while HR/training are more product oriented.

Statistics of changing training budgets and planned training formats - training trends 2020


There was agreement that training spend was likely to be significantly diminished in 2020, with 45% decreasing their budget, 30% maintaining, and only 4% increasing. However, while budgets might be facing reductions, the money that is being spent is being refocused on specific areas: a mixture of formats seems to be the way to go, with a definite interest in digital and virtual solutions.

What have we learned?

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