3 „Price“ less skills to ace price-selling

Here is a riddle contest run by The Journal of Sales Success Unlimited:
“Bullfighting” according to Wikipedia “is a physical contest that generally involves humans attempting to publicly subdue, immobilize, or kill a bull, usually according to a set of rules, guidelines, or cultural expectations”. In the world of sales, the salesperson often feels like the Matador in a bull fight. The difference being, that the salesperson subdues the objection and conquers the sale. Stretching that metaphor, the salesperson has the equivalent of the red cape the bull fighter waves to get the bull into action.
The riddle is this: What would that red cape be for a salesperson? Rearrange the clue letters below to find out: 


3 price-less skill sets to ace price selling

If there is a poll for the salesperson’s favorite nightmare, the nomination will go every time to – you guessed it –  the dreaded price objection. However, like bull fighting or sky diving or any other extreme sport, price selling isn’t so treacherous, if you have trained for it. 

Below are 3 sure fire skills you can add to your sales repertoire to ace price selling

  1. Know the right stage to present the pricepick the right moment to present the price. Ideally wait till after Customer has realized benefits fully. There are time tested Mercuri techniques for the Salesperson to postpone presentation of the price to the right stage. The general rule is Still Later.
  2. Present the price positively the words you use to present the price and method employed to convey it can have a subtle impact on the Customer’s mind – positive or negative. Let your tone and body language reflect the sincerity and truthfulness you feel within you. Ensure you stress the positives in the price, listing all the benefits going with it. Put the price in perspective. Show how it converts to a smaller number, when linked to usage. Choose the right words and methods suited to the Customer to convey price.
  3. Handle price objection right – this is the critical skill like the life-saving one learnt by Matadors. It can make all the difference. The skill of handling price objection consists of a series of steps leading to justification of the EXTRA price as perceived by Customer. It needs showing her or him the EXTRA benefits.  In handling price objection there is no need to justify the total price. All you need to justify is only the price difference with whatever Customer is using for comparison. 

You have cracked the riddle already, right?

For more tips and ideas on the formidable challenge of price selling, access Mercuri’s Insight document on Are your people struggling to sell price?

Minsights – 3 Price Less Skills Sets To Master Price Selling